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Shoreham College offers all the advantages of an all-through integrated education. Children learn together and thrive in our welcoming community. We choose to be co-educational, teaching girls and boys together from the ages of 3 to 16, knowing that this better prepares our pupils for a world in which the sexes live and work alongside each other.

We recognise that every child has their own strengths and challenges, and we believe that by learning together in an inclusive and kind environment, our pupils learn to respect and value one another, irrespective of gender and other differences.

Shoreham College pupils benefit from excellent facilities, caring support staff, and specialist teachers. From a young age, our junior pupils gain from specialist senior resources as well as from regular interaction and friendship with older pupils. In turn, our senior pupils become leaders and role models to our youngest children. Our learning community enables each member to grow and flourish.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to develop a range of transferable skills and talents and to appeal to every interest. As they progress through the school, our children benefit from the continuity our integration provides and from being a valued individual within our community. Our knowledge of our pupils’ needs and passions means these remain a focus, and as our attainment data shows, our children are protected from the attainment dip that too often characterises the move from KS2 to KS3. Smooth transition between year groups and key stages ensures pupils maintain and build on their progress without interruption.

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'The sense of community amongst the children sets it apart from other schools.'


3–5 Years

Little Lions Pre-School

Little Lions covers the period of a child's development and learning in the preschool and reception classes.

5–11 years


We give your child an excellent academic education which broadly follows the national curriculum.

11–16 Years


We offer our pupils a vibrant and stimulating learning environment with cutting edge facilities.