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Our fees include lunch, textbooks, and the majority of our co-curricular provision.

Effective from September 2023

Year Group £ per term £ per month (via SFP)*
Little Lions (up to 15 hours free) Free or £7.90/hour Free or £1.98/hour
Reception 3,850.00 962.50
Year 1 3,850.00 962.50
Year 2 3,850.00 962.50
Year 3 3,925.00 981.25
Year 4 3,925.00 981.25
Year 5 4,600.00 1,150.00
Year 6 4,950.00 1,237.50
Year 7 5,550.00 1,387.50
Year 8 5,550.00 1,387.50
Year 9 6,100.00 1,525.00
Year 10 6,100.00 1,525.00
Year 11 6,100.00 1,525.00


The above figures include lunch and essential textbooks from Reception onwards. Monthly payments made by Direct Debit are through School Fee Plan (SFP) and are subject to a transaction charge. Further details are available from the College or from (*the figures shown above do not include this transaction charge). Shoreham College is an appointed representative of Premium Credit Ltd (SFP) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Fees for Little Lions are proportioned for the number of sessions taken. Pupils in this year group are able to stay for mornings, all day or a variety of combinations depending on the places available. Lunch is included in the fees for those staying until 1.00pm. The College is registered to participate in the government’s 15 hours Early Years Partnership Scheme. This currently enables eligible 3, 4 and 5 year-old children to receive up to the first 15 hours of education free, subject to availability. Please contact the College for further details.

Fees and any agreed supplemental charges will not normally be reduced or refunded as a result of absence due to illness or otherwise.  If your child takes study leave at home before or during public examinations, or stays at home following those examinations, or if a term is shorter than others (or shortened), no reduction of fees will be made in respect of such periods spent at home.

An initial charge of £350 is made upon registration. This amount comprises a registration fee of £50 and a deposit of £300. The deposit is non-refundable unless a term’s notice of withdrawal is given and the College is able to fill the place by the first day of the term that the pupil was due to start. The deposit will be deducted from the last invoice issued when the pupil leaves the College, providing all College property has been returned and in good order, all invoices are paid in full and the leaver’s form is fully completed. The registration fee is not refundable in any situation. No deposit or registration fee is required if the pupil is only attending Little Lions using the Universal Free Childcare hours and is not continuing to Reception class and beyond.


These are applicable to tuition fees only and are available to all full-time pupils.

a 1st sibling in the College at the same time

For each additional sibling in the College, an extra 5% discount is applicable.
(Discount does not apply to the eldest child)

b Old Shorehamers’ Association discount 

(This applies only to parents who are life members of the Association)


Supplemental Charges / Disbursements:

Additional charges are generally invoiced in arrears and made for the following:

  • Specialist Art and Technology supplies
  • Public Exam Fees (generally for Year 11 – cost of about £450 is charged on the last summer term invoice)
  • Any loss of or damage caused to College property (including textbooks)
  • Additional work / text books that are not reusable
  • Non-return of original numbered locker keys (keys must be returned by last day of term to avoid a charge)


Optional extra charges are:

  • Minibus travel (transport to and from school – invoiced in advance – cost is £220 per direction, per term)
  • Music tuition (individual) (fees on request and paid directly to the teacher concerned)
  • Chargeable afterschool activities and some additional coaching (charges advised at the time of booking)
  • Specialist outings and visits
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Student Route administration
  • Any other personal requirements as incurred by the pupil.


Personal Accident Insurance is automatically included for all children within the fees. Details of the cover provided and the scheme can be found here. A School Fee Refund Scheme is available for a small additional charge. Details are available here.


All pupils leaving Year 11 after their GCSE exams will automatically become life members of the Old Shorehamers’ Association (OSA) for no additional cost provided there are no outstanding balances owed to the College and they have been recommended for membership by the College. Further details on the OSA can be found on the College website.


Payment of Accounts

Payment may be made directly to the College bank account (Barclays Bank, account name: Shoreham College, sort code: 20-12-75 and account number: 70047651) for the full amount. Please quote the account code that can be found on the invoice in all cases. The College is also able to accept payment by all major debit or credit cards. Alternatively, direct debit payments may be made via School Fee Plan. A small service charge is made for using this service and parents wishing to pay by this method can use the School Fee Plan website or can contact the school office for further details.

Parents are reminded that schools are sometimes the target of cyber criminals. We therefore urge parents to be extremely careful and to be wary of any email or phone call purporting to be from the College with offers of discounts or refunds, or updates to bank account details. If you have any doubt at all in regard to the validity of such requests, do not respond to such emails and instead please do not hesitate to phone the main office on 01273 592681.


All fees must be paid by the first day of the commencement of term term and no pupil shall have the right to return to the College if the settlement is not met by the due date. The Governors reserve the right to levy a late payment charge of the Barclays Bank Base Rate plus 5% on any overdue accounts. Non-payment of fees will result in the child being asked to leave the College. Any person who presents a payment to the College who does not have the funds cleared by their bank will be charged an additional amount of £20 per transaction to cover costs incurred by the College.

The College will review fees annually at the end of each academic year.

Notice of Leaving

A full term’s notice, in writing, must be given to the Principal for a pupil leaving the College on or before the first day of the term in which they will leave otherwise a term’s fees must be paid in lieu of notice. Provisional or verbal notice is unacceptable.

Pupils’ Effects

The College cannot accept responsibility for personal items brought to the College – bicycles, electronic equipment, clothing etc. Parents should have their own insurance cover for such items.

Please refer to the full terms and conditions of Shoreham College for further details. The College reserves the right to change or add to these terms and conditions from time to time for legal, safety or other substantive reasons or in order to assist the proper delivery of education at the College.