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ISI Inspections

The College is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). There are two types of inspections that alternate approximately every three years: a Regulatory Compliance Inspection and a Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection. ISI Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report (January 2023)

There are eight sections that comprise the focussed compliance part of the inspection:

PART 1 – Quality of education provided
PART 2 – Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
PART 3 – Welfare, health and safety of pupils
PART 4 – Suitability of staff, supply staff, and proprietors
PART 5 – Premises of and accommodation at schools
PART 6 – Provision of information
PART 7 – Manner in which complaints are handled
PART 8 – Quality of leadership in and management of schools

These are all fully met with no further action required as a result of the inspection.

The next two sections relate to the Educational Quality part of the inspection.

The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent with inspectors highlighting “excellent levels of academic achievement as a result of a well-developed and supportive approach on the part of all members of the school community”. Pupils’ attitudes to learning were praised as positive and highly effective and the report concluded: “Data analysed shows that almost all pupils achieve significantly higher GCSE grades than expected for their ability on entry. This represents rapid progress in their knowledge, skills and understanding as they move through the school.”

The quality of pupils’ personal development is good with the development of pupils’ self-knowledge and confidence being reported as strong.  Pupils’ positive attitudes to learning were praised both within and beyond the classroom and it was described that “pupils are nurtured into rounded individuals with a positive work ethic and strong moral values”.  It was also noted that “Pupils are motivated to achieve well through the warm and collaborative working relationships they enjoy with each other and staff” and we were pleased that the inspectors noted “Older pupils clearly treat younger pupils with respect”.

The full report can be read here


ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report (February 2018)

A Regulatory Compliance Inspection of Shoreham College took place in February 2018. As this was a compliance inspection, the ISI reports only on the school’s compliance with the standards of provision including safeguarding, curriculum, and health and safety. This type of inspection is not graded. Judgements on the eight standards are given as met or not met.

Shoreham College is pleased to confirm that we met all the standards, and no further actions were recommended. The summary evaluation for Shoreham College states:

‘The school meets the standards in the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014 and relevant requirements of the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, and associated requirements, and no further action is required as a result of this inspection.’

The full report can be read here.


Integrated Inspection (January 2015)

The full report can be read here.


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