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Grounds and Facilities

Shoreham College Grounds and Facilities

Shoreham College is a refreshing blend of history, tradition, and innovation. Beyond our ancient flint walls, you will find our Tudor manor house, the magnificent oaks, and our spacious playing fields.

Hidden and invisible from the road lies what we affectionately call The Tardis. This warren of modern, purpose built facilities includes a full sized sports hall, state of the art STEM facilities, well-appointed science laboratories, a delightful drama studio, and a heated open-air swimming pool. Nestling amidst this modernity, in perfect harmony, is the jewel in our crown, an art studio which started life 500 years ago as the original manor house.

Our grounds provide a safe, healthy, and inspiring environment for our pupils to learn and grow. Our pupils benefit from fresh air, nature, and spaces that calm and stimulate. A thriving forest school provides an exciting outdoor classroom, and our fantastic academic facilities ensure that our pupils have all the resources they need to excel.

'It's a breath of fresh air.'


See our grounds from the air

3–5 Years

Little Lions Pre-School

Little Lions covers the period of a child's development and learning in the preschool and reception classes.

5–11 years


We give your child an excellent academic education which broadly follows the national curriculum.

11–16 Years


We offer our pupils a vibrant and stimulating learning environment with cutting edge facilities.