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Having our own forest school on site provides our children with invigorating opportunities to explore and discover the natural world.

Pupils from Little Lions to Year 6 enjoy regular forest school sessions as part of their curriculum, allowing them to develop a range of transferable skills. Our forest school programme promotes holistic development and boosts our children’s physical and emotional well-being.

Spending time learning and playing in a natural environment supports our children’s social development, and encourages them to take risks in their learning and embrace new challenges with an open mind. Our exciting activities foster creativity and imagination, and learning outside the classroom inspires children and helps them to grow in confidence, resilience, and independence. Whether our children are creating natural artworks, experiencing a sensory walk, or cooking over a campfire, they benefit from the stimulation of fresh air and a woodland setting. Tree climbing, foraging, and mini beast hunts all add to the fun. The magic of learning amongst the trees with friends is something our pupils never forget. Our forest school really does nourish the mind, body, and soul.

'You can wash the mud away but not the memories...'


3–5 Years

Little Lions Pre-School

Little Lions covers the period of a child's development and learning in the preschool and reception classes.

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We give your child an excellent academic education which broadly follows the national curriculum.

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We offer our pupils a vibrant and stimulating learning environment with cutting edge facilities.