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Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School

We offer our senior pupils a vibrant and stimulating learning environment with bright, airy classrooms, cutting edge facilities, and extensive grounds. Our broad, inclusive curriculum allows pupils to follow their individual interests, and inspiring teaching, delivered by enthusiastic and dedicated subject specialists, engages our pupils, instilling in them the skills necessary for success and a love of learning.

Our small class sizes mean our pupils receive a personalised education, carefully tailored to an individual’s needs. Ambitious for our children, we regularly review their progress so that they continue to be appropriately challenged and nurtured. We strive for everyone to exceed their potential, ensuring that our gifted and talented pupils are stimulated and pupils with SEND supported.

Focused on holistic care, with our children’s well-being at the heart of what we do, we work in close partnership with parents and pupils to ensure that our pupils make excellent progress towards their personalised targets and the ultimate goal of achieving GCSEs that reflect their ability and potential.

As an inclusive school, adding value is an important focus, and we achieve impressive successes. Many pupils achieve well above their standardised predictions, and some gain more than two grades above these in a range of subjects. We believe that a number of factors drives this success: excellent teaching, high contact time with pupils in small classes, a supportive ethos, and a culture that fosters ambition and learning.

Our caring community develops compassionate, thoughtful individuals with growth mindsets, and we invest in enabling our children to expand and enhance their soft skills and social conscience. Our pupils benefit from a diverse range of exciting opportunities that promote leadership, strong communication, problem solving, and collaboration. We work closely with Brighton Homeless and Vulnerable Charity – Off the Fence, and we have gold accreditation for our involvement in the Youth Parliament Democracy Awards. Our pupils are role models for our younger children, and play a key role, as part of our lively community, in supporting their development and well-being. We cultivate enthusiasm, confidence, and resilience in our children, and equip them with the skills they will need during their time at Shoreham College and beyond.

'Shoreham College is such a positive place in which to learn and succeed.'




We believe a true education includes and extends beyond excellent achievement.



Shoreham College is committed to educating the whole person



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