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Pre-School Curriculum

Little Lions Curriculum

At Shoreham College, we believe that every child is important, unique, and talented, and deserves an enriched and rounded education. Our broadly non-selective policy enables us to fulfil our commitment to providing an education to children of varied ability so that they can achieve their potential. Our children follow a broad curriculum, which is challenging and supportive in equal measure and shows them that, with hard work, they are able to achieve almost anything.

Our Little Lions’ curriculum offers an inspirational learning journey. Passionate in supporting all children to achieve their full, unique potential, we value every child and foster mutual respect and a calm, caring environment.

In line with the EYFS framework, we encourage a positive attitude to school and learning, setting high expectations and helping our children to be kind, work hard, and never give up. These foundations are embedded in all aspects of our children’s lives as they become lifelong learners within our wider school community.

Our younger pupils follow the EYFS curriculum, which has seven main areas of learning.

Prime Areas

Specific Areas

Our children encounter reading, writing, and numeracy through a variety of adult-led and child-initiated activities. We encourage their enthusiasms, supplying enjoyable and appropriately challenging opportunities for them to develop and become more resilient and independent. Accurate observation informs our planning for each child, ensuring that learning is consistent and that all children make the best possible progress. Knowing our families and children well, and working closely with them, we offer varied, stimulating means of progressing children’s knowledge and understanding of themselves, our local community, and beyond. Children move up to the Junior School confident and eager to learn. Our integrated structure smoothes the transition and ensures that children’s interests, needs, and progress remain a focus.

We encourage our children to question, investigate, and explore. Our extensive outdoor facilities, designated outside learning area, forest school, and pond activities inspire and develop our children’s imagination and creativity. Part of a larger school community, our children enjoy excellent specialist sport and music facilities, more opportunities to discover the world around them, and interactions with children of different ages. Co-curricular activities and educational visits further enhance our pupils’ discovery of new and diverse experiences, developing the key characteristics of playing and learning.

'A generous pupil/teacher ratio where individual attention is plentiful and care is paramount.'