Effective from September 2015

Year Group £ per term £ per month
(via SFP)*
Early Years 1 2850 712.50
EarlyYears2 2950 737.50
Year1 2950 737.50
Year2 2950 737.50
Year3 2950 737.50
Year4 2950 737.50
Year5 3475 868.75
Year6 3775 943.75
Year7 4200 1050
Year8 4200 1050
Year9 4600 1150
Year10 4600 1150
Year11 4600 1150

The above figures include lunch and essential textbooks from Early Years 2. Monthly payments made by Direct Debit are through School Fee Plan (SFP) and are subject to a service charge. Further details are available from the College or from https://www.myschoolfeeplan.com/Shoreham-BN43 (*the figures shown above do not include this service charge).

Fees for Early Years 1 are proportioned for the number of sessions taken. Pupils in this year are able to stay for mornings, all day or a variety of combinations depending on the places available. Lunch is optionally available for this age group at a small additional charge. The College is registered to participate in the Government’s Early Years Partnership Scheme. This currently enables eligible 3, 4 and 5 year old children to receive a fee reduction. Please contact the College for further details.

A charge will be made to all pupils each term for Personal Accident Insurance. The charge is made in advance and the premium is determined by the scheme’s insurers. (Details of the scheme are presented here)

An initial charge of £200 is made upon registration. This amount comprises a registration fee of £50 and a deposit of £150. In the event of the pupil not entering the College, no money is refundable. The deposit will be deducted from the last invoice issued when the pupil leaves the College, providing all College property has been returned, all invoices are paid in full and the leaver’s form is fully completed. For any child whose permanent residence is not in the United Kingdom a deposit of £1000 will be required upon registration. The registration fee is not refundable in any situation.


These are applicable to tuition fees only and are available to all full time pupils.

a. 1st brother / sister in the College at the same time.
For each additional sibling in the College, an extra 5% discount is applicable (discount does not apply to the eldest child).
b. Old Shorehamers’ Association discount (this applies only to parents who are life members of the Association).



Payment of Accounts