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30 October 2021

Year 11 Work Experience Event

This October we ran a two day careers and work experience event for Y11 pupils in order to give them some vital insights into the world of work and the process of applying for a job.

We were very lucky to have a number of speakers come into the College to talk to the pupils about their career journeys and what it is like to work in their sector. Pupils learnt about a wide range of careers including; nuclear medicine, estate agency, TV production, biotechnology, engineering project management, clinical psychology, the charity sector and global medical insurance.

A series of workshop sessions were run to help teach pupils how to write a good CV, identify their personal strengths and develop job interview skills. Pupils then had to put these skills into practice as they had a choice of 7 jobs to apply for. As part of the application process they had to produce a CV and covering letter which they took with them to a mock interview. Pupils took the interviews very seriously and there was some fantastic feedback from the interviewers about how the pupils performed.

Additionally, the PE department ran an ‘Apprentice style’ session of workplace challenges where pupils had a series of realistic work related tasks that they had to complete in groups. This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to develop their team work, resourcefulness, planning and time management skills – it looked like great fun too!

Many thanks to all of the speakers and interviewers who gave up their time to help our pupils

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