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6 November 2021

Grenville Speak Out to Lift Trophy

On Friday 5th November pupils gave some explosive speeches for the Inter House Public speaking competition. This is the first time the competition has been run since 2019 and each House had prepared their speeches so well that in any other year they could have easily been placed first. Grenville opened the competition by discussing consent, Raleigh followed with a persuasive speech about the importance of sleep, Rodney discussed poverty in the UK and Nelson addressed the issue of male body image.

The guests who came into the College to judge the competition were astounded by the depth to which the speakers knew their topics and they described the speakers as ‘authentic’. Clearly, Houses had picked topics which the speakers were passionate about and they delivered their speeches in an engaging and entertaining manner.

After deliberation, the judges awarded first place to Grenville, but felt that all the speakers were magnificent. The year’s break from the competition has renewed a sense of commitment from each House to take the win, with this year’s competition raising standards even more.

Congratulations to each of the speakers involved. Your Houses and your teachers are incredibly proud of you.
Ms Whitmill

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