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3 August 2020

British Science Week Poster Competition

The theme for this year’s British Science Week was ‘Our Diverse Planet’. Students in Years 6-8 took part in the National British Science Week poster competition. Students were asked to consider topics such as: the biodiversity of different habitats and ecosystems, the diverse ways that science affects our lives and who you know that uses science every day, the diversity between Earth and the other planets in the Solar System, the variety of the molecules that make up essential parts of life plus many more interesting and fascinating areas.

The top three entries for each class were judged and then the overall winners for the Shoreham College poster competition were selected from these. The five winning entries from Years 6-8 were sent to the British Science Association over the Easter holidays to now be judged in both the Junior and Senior competition categories.
Well done to Adam and Bertie in Y6, Ollie and Ernie in Y7 and Bryony in Y8.

Fingers crossed as we wait to hear if any of our entries have been successful.

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